Consciousness to call God

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The awareness of contact with God Almighty is that God be present with you at all times and when you ask him for help, conciliation, guidance, payment and remembrance for the duration of the question for him
Living in contact with God is a way of life that you reach after you find the way to it, so there is no room to be angry or alarmed because in your decisions there are great powers that support you and help you
The awareness of communication is to put your soul in constant contact with the Creator, because God is love, peace, security, and He who enlightens your paths, facilitates your paths, and facilitates your circumstances
. Whenever you want something from this life, ask God Almighty directly and first without thinking about the people around you or the circle of knowledge you have, or the methods that help you or the ways that may shorten you to reach, this is called with God Almighty.
Ask God to harness what you want in the best possible way and in the easiest way, as nothing can help you or give you what you want in the best way like God because he knows an expert environment in what was and what will be and if it was how it would be, we often resort in our thinking to Scarcity, and we start asking questions, especially the question of how? This question is what introduces you in the spiral of searching for solutions that you control the scenario in your mind and want to apply on the ground, and from here you forget with God Almighty gradually so that Igo delusions that you are in control and control of everything
When you have absolute certainty of reaching what you want with God, your mind will never think about how and scenarios and forget all attachments…
. God exists as a reflection in your life and your reality according to his existence within you. Life with its renewed challenges invites you to constantly contact with God Almighty and not to search here and there for appropriate solutions to your problems.
God’s remembrance is in all times that pass through us, in our retreats, and in all our reflections. God is close to us. No one determines your relationship with God, you are the only one who can communicate with God, and he always asks for help and assistance

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@peepso_user_3614(لبنى البكر)
So beautiful articles the God is the source of our life directly without need any channel to reach him just feel by our heart and the God respond ?
15 مارس, 2020 12:03 م
@peepso_user_7222(Hafida Hodbi)
@peepso_user_3614(لبنى البكر) .yes.the good is the
greatest power in our life
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