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It’s still owned

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After periods and long periods of time… The age of ignorance still lies in the mentalities and souls of some… Slavery continues to be practiced on the vulnerable in the land… How can we change the policies of states and the laws of governments and demand justice and integrity to prevail in our societies and the smallest political model such as a family where justice and equality are not achieved… How can we abolish authoritarianism and abuse of influence… The simplest citizen or citizen uses his influence over the other… Let it be in school and this is the simplest example of a bully teacher or a bully who uses intimidation and intimidation as a means of control… How can we change societies and countries and still the simplest individual and citizen who bully and bully even in the street… The foundations built in the simplest forms of the house, which are represented by the father and the mother, for example, are based on the love of control and the use of influence and domination and interference in the simplest aspects of life for children… It is the justice that we claim to be sovereign among us, we have not been competent to it… That’s why the policies of the governments of the countries have not been based on justice… The individual of us in the great majority does not know himself… Unreconciled with himself…. He couldn’t find the simplest solutions to his wars with himself… How can he find justice standing outside if the inside is chaos and injustice and anillusion, the outside is similar… We need to heal the insides and treat them more than paying attention to external problems that have always been reflections…. The herd is going to be a good one…. I mean when you lead a herd, whatever that herd is, sheep, dogs or chickens, you don’t ask the sheep with your permission, if you will, you want to go right or left ?you lead him and guide him and choose his face as he goes in the direction you have chosen for him if he is walking and so today many are marching and they have a choice… Either the guidance is from countless sources… When there is something in the media that draws the attention and thinking of the majority to this matter and start the game of guidance and blind followers without the slightest thinking of these people the game is based on guidance but by addressing feelings taking advantage of the arab peoples unconscious ly and pushing hard towards me the things that were programmed It is subconsciously like religion or home, for example… Thus, the feelings of the peoples are still owned as well as their ideas….in addition to the in most institutions such as the family practices towards individuals each other the same practices and emotional control, sometimes they practice these things against the mother at home and they are owned and sometimes against the children and sometimes if the mother is bullying against the father Same…. Affaran ism did not end with the end of the islamic times, history repeats itself… The point of change needs to turn the individual around and communicate with her and work on it and this requires awareness, courage and strength… One of the most successful solutions in my personal belief is training to build leadership personalities and it is possible to transform anyone into gaining and learning leadership skills from learning self-leadership to leading families, society and the state… personally create a true leader ?

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نبذة عن الكاتب: لبنى البكر موثق مستثمر متفاعل سفير

7 ممارس معتمد مسجل للثيتا هيلينك من الاكاديميه الامريكيه للثيتا
باحثه في مجال الوعي والتنميه وعلوم الذات ....قويه .....مواضبه على تحقيق اهدافي التي هي وسيله لغايتي في الحياه وهي اصلاح نفسي في رحلتي على الارض ومنفعه الاخرين من تجاربي الحياتيه وترك بصمه خير في الحياه اعمل لثلاث الصدقات الجاريه على الارض .... وعلم ينتفع به ....وولد صالح يدعو لي ...أخيرا انني روح حره.
About the Author: Lubna Al Bakr Is A Brilliant Writer's Investor Ambassador
His researcher in the field of awareness, development and self-science.... Strong..... I am prepared to achieve my goals, which is a way to my goal in life, which is to reform myself in my journey on earth and benefit others from my life experiences and leave a good print in life working for three handouts running on earth. And a science that benefits him.... A good boy calls me ... Finally I'm a free spirit.

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